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Sagar Watch

Sagar Watch/
Even after the big victory in Sagar district, there is discord within the BJP. Out of the eight assembly seats in the district, Bina, the only seat where BJP has lost, is the home town of BJP district president Gaurav Sirothia.

BJP MLA Mahesh Rai, who contested the elections from this assembly constituency, and his supporters are very angry and are holding the District President responsible for their defeat and accusing him of not cooperating in the elections.

  In response to this, the supporters of BJP District President went a step further and burnt the effigy of Bina MLA and defeated BJP candidate Mahesh Rai at the Teen Batti of Sagar.

Some close associates of the BJP issued a statement to the media in defense of the party's district president and claimed that the BJP's victory in the district was the result of Sirothia's hard work.

Sagar Watch

Sagar Watch/
 The commencement ceremony for the students admitted in Dr. Harisingh Gour University for the session 2023-24 was held in the Golden Jubilee Auditorium of the University. In the program, on behalf of the students, disabled student Ankit welcomed the Vice Chancellor with a flower bunch while sitting on a wheel chair.

On this occasion, Prof. Neelima Gupta told the students present that they are fortunate that they have got the opportunity to study in Dr. Gour University. Students will take advantage of this opportunity to establish their academic, social and cultural talent on the world stage.

In the welcome address, Dean, Student Welfare, while welcoming the newly admitted students, said that the important responsibility of taking the dreams and legacy of Dr. Gour to the world rests on their shoulders.

Sagar Watch

Proctor Chanda Bain told the students about the importance of discipline for success in human life. Also underlined their role in maintaining discipline in the university campus.

Prof. Naveen Kango, Director, Academic Activities, informed the students about the various course structures adopted by the University under the National Education Policy-2020 and also apprised them about important topics like selection of subjects and Academic Bank of Credit.

On this occasion, students were also given information related to university hostel facilities, various cultural activities, sports and physical education, library, placement cell, health and hygiene.

Sagar Watch

Sagar Watch/
A one-day workshop on topic"violence Against Women" was organized at the Arts and Commerce Government College on Monday under the joint aegis of the student wing of the National Service Scheme and Awaaz Sansthan, Bhopal.

Chief guest of the program, Justice Reena Sharma, gave her speech on the role of youth in stopping violence against women, Act 498A and various types of violence against women.

Guest Yogesh Bansal gave information in the workshop about the free legal aid provided by the government to the poor and weaker sections and about the Lokayukta court.

In this connection, District Coordinator Malti Patel and Principal Dr. Sanjeev Dubey also addressed the workshop.Gratitude for the program was expressed by Dr. Sangeeta Mukherjee, District Organizer of National Service Scheme.

A large number of students from the college including Dr. Amar Kumar Jain, District Nodal Officer, Imrana, Pratibha Jain, Suchita Agarwal, Bhupendra Kumar Bhanu, Priya Patel, Abhilasha Jain and all other staff were present in the program.

Sagar Watch

Sagar Watch/
Mixed reactions of people are coming out regarding the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh. Some people find the results expected while others find them shocking.

According to a Career advisor Abhilash Tiwari he believes that as much as people advocated for change in the discussion, it was not reflected in the results. 

In the opinion of Sumiit Srivastava, associated with the media sector, the public has become quite diplomatic these days and does not want to take ill will from anyone. Whatever kind of people she comes across, she senses their mind and starts talking like them. 

Whereas if we talk about the people directly associated with the parties, then the BJP workers kept talking about easy victory for the BJP taking the Ladli Brahmin Yojana as its basis. 

Sagar Watch

Aman Gautam
, a young BJP leader living in the Civil Lines area of the city, claimed that BJP's victory in the city is certain, citing the statistics of the "Ladli Behna"present in the city. However, this argument did not seem acceptable to the Congress workers. 

A Congress supporter, on the condition of anonymity, said that the tremendous impact of the anti-incumbency wave is being felt in people's discussions. If it has an impact, then the BJP is certain to be wiped out.

Despite all these arguments and denials, the actual election results came as a surprise to both the parties. The people of BJP were confident of victory but they did not expect such a huge victory, whereas the Congressmen were also expecting to get at least half of the seats in Sagar district, if not all. 

But the majority that the Bharatiya Janata Party got at the state level itself has led to the belief that the tsunami wave that was doing wonders in the form of Ladli Behna, was not even realized by anyone until it turned into reality.

Sagar Watch

Sagar Watch/
In the counting of votes for the 16th Assembly of Madhya Pradesh today, out of 8 assembly constituencies of Sagar district, BJP won 7 seats and Indian National Congress won one.

Bharatiya Janata Party candidate Gopal Bhargava from Rahli assembly constituency of the district defeated his nearest candidate Jyoti Patel of Congress by a maximum of 72 thousand 800 votes in the district. Shri Bhargava got 1 lakh 30 thousand 916 votes while Congress candidate Engineer Jyoti Patel got 58 thousand 116 votes.

From Khurai Assembly Constituency, BJP candidate Bhupendra Singh got 1 lakh 5 thousand 836 votes and Congress candidate Raksha Singh Rajput got 59 thousand 111 votes. BJP candidate Shri Singh defeated his nearest rival Raksha Singh Rajput by 46 thousand 725 votes.

Sagar Watch

From Surkhi assembly constituency, BJP candidate Govind Singh Rajput got 83 thousand 547 votes while Congress candidate Neeraj Sharma got 81 thousand 369 votes. Thus, BJP candidate Mr. Rajput defeated Congress candidate Mr. Sharma by 2 thousand 178 votes. It is noteworthy that in the total of 20 rounds of counting, Shri Rajput was lagging behind till the 17th round, but in the last three rounds, he not only gained the lead but also surprised him by registering a victory.

Among other candidates, BJP candidate Shailendra Jain from Sagar Assembly constituency got 74 thousand 769 votes while Congress candidate Nidhi Jain got 59 thousand 748 votes. BJP candidate Mr. Jain defeated Mrs. Nidhi Jain by 15 thousand 21 votes.

In Narayawali assembly constituency, BJP candidate Pradeep Laria got 88 thousand 802 votes while Congress candidate Advocate Surendra Chaudhary got 73 thousand 790 votes. Pradeep Laria defeated the Congress candidate by 15 thousand 12 votes.

In the counting of votes for Bina assembly constituency, Congress candidate Advocate Nirmala Sapre got 72 thousand 458 votes while Mahesh Rai of Bharatiya Janata Party got 66303 votes. Thus, Congress candidate Smt. Sapre won over BJP candidate by 6 thousand 155 votes.

In Banda Assembly, BJP candidate Virendra Lodhi Lambardar defeated Congress candidate Tarwar Lodhi by 34 thousand 751 votes. BJP candidate Virendra Singh Lodhi got 90 thousand 911 votes while Congress candidate Tarwar Singh Lodhi got 56 thousand 160 votes.

Similarly, in Deori Assembly, BJP candidate Brij Bihari Patariya defeated Congress candidate Harsh Yadav by 27 thousand 377 votes. BJP candidate Brij Bihari Pateria got 95 thousand 615 votes while Congress candidate Shri Yadav got 68 thousand 238 votes.

Sagar Watch

Sagar Watch/
Vichar Samiti has started "the Plant Neem- Save Environment" campaign from 2 December 2023. The committee has set a target of planting 50 thousand saplings.

Under this campaign, every person will be given 10 Neem saplings. The committee will test these plants from time to time and reward those who grow the best.

Committee Chairman Kapil Malaiya said that Neem tree is very strong but it is planted with great difficulty. Once it reaches three-four feet, it does not die.

He told that 10 saplings will be given to one person and it will be his responsibility to plant and maintain the trees. After two months, the committee will inspect the trees and give them a steel plate on which the name of the Vriksha Mitra will be written on their good maintenance.

Initially the trees have to be planted in pots or boxes. These will be planted on the ground after six months. A survey will be conducted by the committee every six months for two years. On the basis of the survey, those who maintain the trees best will be honored during the felicitation ceremony on 21 December 2025.

Sagar Watch

In which first prize will be fridge, second prize TV, third prize flour mill, fourth prize mixer (25 numbers), fifth prize Milton Wattle (50 numbers), consolation prize lunch box (50 numbers). The objective of these awards is to generate love for the environment in the minds of people.

Guide Hargobind Vishwa while explaining the benefits of Neem said that Neem tree is very beneficial. Various types of medicines are made from its leaves, fruits and bark. Neem toothpaste keeps teeth healthy. Neem should be consumed after waking up in the morning.

Vichar Committee member Hakam Singh Lodhi told that to prepare this plant, first the soil was prepared with local manure, then after sowing the seeds, it was watered and after three months of care, this plant became two feet tall.

Working President Sunita Arihant, Vinay Malaiya, Akhilesh Samaiya, Rajkumar Namdev, Shafiq Bhai also expressed their views.

Sagar Watch

Sagar Watch/
According to Hindu Sanatani religious tradition, the 16th annual festival of Shri Gulab Baba Temple of Bundelkhand has started from 29th November. Under which, like every year, Shri Gulab Baba Charan Paduka Paliki Rath Yatra will reach Shri Gulab Baba Temple at 10.30 am on Saturday morning after traveling a distance of 111 kilometers from Narsinghgarh (Damoh).

Shri Gulab Baba Temple administrator Kiran Parasare and Secretary Shyam Soni told the media that Charan Paduka Palika Rath Yatra will come to Shri Gulab Baba Temple on December 2 while touring Damoh city with devotees.

Temple President Dr. Bharat Anand Wakhle said that this year devotees from Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, UP Delhi, Chhattisgarh will also participate, for which a team of about 100 devotees along with the temple trust is handling all the arrangements. He told that about 30 kitchens have been called from Maharashtra to prepare Bhandara for thousands of people along with daily Bhandara (Prasadi) and the huge Mahaprasadi on 5th December.

Temple administration associate Pramendra (Golu) Richhariya told that on December 3, there will be a Rangoli competition during the day, along with one hour live presentation of Sugam Sangeet from Sagar city and in the night, Ragni Srivastava lecturer in Kathak dance, Jayshree Lukhe, classical singing expert, There will be a presentation of classical singing and dancing under the guidance of Krishna Kumar Katare classical musician, Ms. Aarohi Srivastava classical dance director.

On the second day, on 4th December, in Sagar Nagar, "Shri Gulab Baba Charan Paduka Paliki Rath Yatra Shobhayatra" will take place on its traditional route in which there will be a convoy of devotees from all over the country along with Akhara (Ramdal), girls' Lejham group, tableaux, rural bhajan troupe, dancers etc. . In the night, a tableau Bhajan Sandhya by famous bhajan singer Arunmani Tripathi (Junior Lakha) will be held inside the temple premises.

On the last day of the festival, on 5th December, there will be a grand event of Mahaprasad (Bhandara) and there will be a bhajan evening by Vinod ji Aggarwal's friend Dheeraj Bawra of Vrindavan Dham (Mero Pran Dhan Radharani fame).

Later, at midnight, Shri Gulab Baba Charan Paduka Paaliki will be brought from Shri Gulab Peeth of the temple complex to Shri Gulab Baba Radhakrishna Temple, where after the Aarti, the annual festival will conclude with fireworks.

Sagar Watch/
The matter of Vice Chancellor Professor Neelima Gupta garlanding the statue of Dr. Gour on Gour Jayanti while wearing shoes is gaining momentum. Resentment is increasing over the insult to Dr. Gaur.

On one hand, ABVP is running a signature campaign to pressurize the Vice Chancellor and the Registrar to apologize on this issue. On the other hand, BJP officials are also saying that BJP will pass the censure motion and send it to the Prime Minister and the Education Minister.

However, the university administration has also issued a letter of regret on behalf of the Vice Chancellor in this matter. But the agitators are adamant on apologizing. Along with this, he is also getting public support.

Now Vishwa Hindu Parishad has also jumped into this controversy. Its city president Kapil Swami registered his protest on Friday by placing an effigy of Vice Chancellor Prof. Neelima Gupta apologizing in front of the statue of Dr. Gour in the university campus. Swamy says that "the Vice Chancellor has insulted Dr. Sir Harisingh Gour by garlanding his statue while wearing shoes."

Swami says that when Vice Chancellor Neelima Gupta did not apologize in front of the statue of Dr. Gour even on the request of the city residents, he himself took the symbolic effigy of the Vice Chancellor apologizing and placed it in front of the statue of Dr. Gour.

BJP State Working Committee member Shailesh Kesharwani has emailed a complaint letter to the President and Prime Minister demanding action against the University's Vice Chancellor Prof. Neelima Gupta and Registrar in-charge Dr. SP Upadhyay. He demanded the removal of both of them from the post.